Peha Ayam / Chicken Thigh per KG

RM15.90 / pack

Weight 1kg per pack
Origin Perak-HALAL Slaughtered
Delivery Method Self-collected
Minimum Order Quantity 3 packs (mixable with other products)
  1. The chicken has been processed by following Islamic law and complying with Malaysian Halal certification standards.
  2. Chickens sold were inspected free of disease according to the rules set by the Department of Veterinary Services, Malaysia.
  3. Excess fat has been cleared
  4. Processed chicken is cooled to a temperature below negative 18 celsius

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Peha Ayam / Chicken Thigh

Premium high quality and fresh halal chicken Thigh

Ayam Proses Segar Alif always be your choice because:

  • Low fat
  • Stored below -18°C
  • Approved by veterinarians
  • Halal & Safe consume


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