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Get to Know About Ayam Alif

Owned by Bumiputera Muslim, Ayam Proses Segar Alif or “Ayam Alif” is a business activity based on freshly processed chicken that always emphasizes Halalan Toyyiba matters.

From the slaughtering to processing of the chicken, the subject of Islamic compliance is given full attention to. “Ayam Alif, Prioritizes Halal Muslim”.

Ayam Proses Segar Alif is a modern company that draws on a pool of know-how rooted in a long tradition of excellence and best practices in the industry.

We express our core values in many ways, such as by conducting slaughtering and processing of chicken based on Halalan Toyyiban so as to be Islamic compliant, never compromising on quality, continuously improving our performance in order to better serve customers, and lastly, constantly striving to inspire trust.

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